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If you’ve got a product to launch, a service to promote, an image to build, or a story to tell, contact us.

Experience Makes A Difference

Pollington Productions prides itself on professionally managing all aspects of your video production, from scripting and camera work, to lighting, art direction, locations … everything necessary to make your project a success. Based in Ontario, award winning Mike Pollington and his team of professionals create and produce eye-catching videos for different Canadian companies.

Pollington Productions founder, Mike Pollington, knows how to deliver videos that are more than meet the eye. To Mike, the goal is to combine technology with creativity to produce videos that surpass client expectations and deliver results. Established in 1996, Pollington Productions has proven that we can deliver in this fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. Based on a Hollywood business structure, every project has a team handpicked based on your needs and budget from our talented and award-winning pool of experts. We work with you to develop your strategy; we’ll focus on the pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery of your message.

Mike Pollington
Mike Pollington

Mike started as an editor in 1983 working on commercials, broadcast series, films and corporate communications throughout his career, thus making post-production our speciality. Pollington Productions has seen a lot of technology changes but knows it is the visual story, not the equipment that makes a memorable video. Our extensive experience in post-production has made us experts in creating a final video that is easy to understand, properly developed and entertaining.

Pollington Productions can assist you with any part of your production. Our production services work on-site from Niagara to Ottawa. With our studio located in St. Catharines and office in Burlington we are set-up to handle ALL your production and post production requirements.

We Love Creating Audience Engaging High-End Corporate
Videos That Deliver Your Brands Core Message.

Here are some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with:

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Mike Pollington Edit Reel (2000)


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We love creating audience engaging high-end corporate videos that deliver your brands core message.