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Our extensive experience in post-production has made us experts in creating a final video that is easy to understand, properly developed and entertaining.

Should I invest in video?

Should I invest in video? According to Cisco, by next year, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. As online video continues its unparalleled rise, having video as part of your marketing is no longer an option it is a must. Various studies show...

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Video Production 101

Video Production 101 Having troubles getting your selling your products or services? Want to make a video but don’t know how? This videoscribe will help break down the steps to creating your very own video. Pollington Productions takes you through the process, step by...

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10 Reasons for Video on Your Website

10 Reasons for Video on Your Website        1. Use Video to Enhance you Website.        2. Use Video to Demonstrate a Product or Activity.        3. Use Video to Share Your Expertise        4. Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website.       5. Use Video to Promote a...

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Students at Work

Students at Work This past year, Pollington Productions has had the privilege of incorporating the placement of two 2nd year students from Loyalist College in Belleville. It was great working with Tara and Ian who both brought very unique skills and individual...

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Birds in Your Backyard

Birds in Your Backyard "Birds in Your Backyard" is an environmental informative half hour show for children ages 7-12. Each week children will learn about different species of birds, identification , their habitat and the many benefits that they bring to us. Experts...

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