Birds in Your Backyard

“Birds in Your Backyard” is an environmental informative half hour show for children ages 7-12. Each week children will learn about different species of birds, identification , their habitat and the many benefits that they bring to us. Experts will educate the audience with visits to bird sanctuaries, rare and endangered species, birds of prey and care of birds. To help build awareness and get the audience involved, “CJ” the mascot will have a bird identification segment and host the viewers corner. A “how to” segment will encourage projects at home such as building a house, creating feeders and other projects.

Our current focus area will be Canada, with plans of expansion to include world environmental issues impacting birds. Travel stories featuring migration and other educational aspects will also be incorporated. Viewers are able to visit the web page to build thier own personal watch list or follow a blog from representatives. All in show projects will be posted on our website with links and detailed instructions.