Video Production Services

We are a professional video production company, specializing in the creation of compelling videos that will build your brand. We combine our marketing savy and artistic vision to tell stories that will captivate your audience.

Consider the Possibilities


Documentary-style profile video production for businesses, nonprofits, and organizations with authentic stories to tell.


From branded players and video headers to landing pages and video libraries, we can make your video do more on the Internet.


Creative concepts and execution of ad campaigns, startup videos, animated explainers, and product launches.


Capture dynamic event content for promotions and sharing.  We produce event sizzle reels, guest interviews, presentations and performances.


Simplify complex ideas and processes with dynamic educational videos that can be used for training, product or service walkthrough.


Whether you are showcasing cities, communities, amenities or properties, a professionally produced video will attract more buyers.


Capture authentic stories and personal experiences from customers and employees that connect with audiences and build credibility.


We produce short films and feature-length documentaries for businesses, nonprofits, and independent producers.

The Pollington Productions Guarantee 

Marketing and Promotion

With the help of our team we can make sure your video is getting to your target audience. Whether it is intended for an internal audience or to educate or attract new customers, we can track the results to make sure you get your best return on investment.



Creative Planning

At this infant phase of the project, we sit down with our clients to identify the message, desired goals and the creative look and feel. We see this as a collective process and appreciate the client’s vision and creative input.

Story Development/Script Writing

Our talented scriptwriters have penned everything from CEO messages and full training programs to sleek marketing material. They will work with you to ensure that your message is on target and on brand.

Crew Hiring/Scheduling/Preparation

The time spent preparing for a shoot is often measured in days. Our producers are well-organized, experienced professionals who will assign the right people with the right talent relevant to your project. This will assure that everything will run smoothly, on time and on budget.


On-site Director

Years of on-location experience and a very specific, creative eye make for a talented director. Our director and his team have tackled hundreds of videos in a wide array of subject matter. In addition to making sure every shot is perfect, from the lighting to the framing, and that the talent is comfortable and the production team fully understands their assignments, it is the role of the director to make sure everything runs smoothly and most importantly – our client feels confident that they are getting the product they expect.

4K & HD Camera Packages

Different projects require different cameras. We shoot on a multitude of HD and 4K cameras, and just like picking the right people for the crew, using the right gear is determined by final destination, budget, and location. All of our cameras produce broadcast quality footage making it very easy to use your videos for future projects.

Camera Operators and Production Crews

Whether it’s shooting while hanging out of the back of a helicopter, filming a corporate executive delivering a state of the company address or capturing brain surgery in the operating room, our experienced camera crews have done it all and know how to do it right. They aren’t just shooters… they’re professionals who take pride in their craft and it shows in every frame.


Digital Video Editing

Editing is where the vision comes to life – and it’s also the longest and most meticulous part of the process. Every frame of video is scrutinized and every second of audio is analysed. Our creative editors work quickly while maintaining attention to detail. Because of our experience, we know how to artistically blend footage, music and graphics to create a product that will make us all proud. Pollington Productions offers language versioning, subtitling and closed captioning.

Audio Sweetening

Nobody ever notices when something sounds good. However, they do notice when something sounds bad. Audio is an essential ingredient when it comes to a professional video. Therefore, we pay close attention to audio quality, and through post-production sweetening, we can remove ancillary noise and accentuate clarity.

Digital Conversions

Our systems are current with the latest conversion software and we can work closely with your IT department to deliver your final video in a format that is compatible with your internal systems or for any of today’s social media websites. This includes the Internet, Mobile Media Formats and today’s social media websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your video is created and you’re about to put it out for the world to see, you need to focus on ensuring that it is easy for individuals to find. Our team are experts in making sure your video reaches the target market.

• Use keywords
• Promote it on your website
• Share it everywhere

• Link to your video in your email signature
• Detailed Analytics – demographics, engagements, media coverage
• Write your own blog post about it

• Engage With the Online Community
• Post on multiple sites – YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker
• Create a campaign around your production

Are You Ready to Start Your Video?

Before any production begins, we meet with you to discuss the project and get a better understanding of what is the best strategy for your needs.

Some of the things we will discuss are:


  • What is the result you are after?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What is the story we are trying to tell?
  • Is it video, interview or design driven?
  • What is your call to action?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to show your videos?
  • How can we best promote your videos or marketing campaign?

Planning, planning, planning. We make sure everything is prepared before the cameras start rolling. A little extra time at this stage can save the day.

  • Budget sign-off
  • Creative concepts and developments
  • Research
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Reserve crew, camera operator, audio, technical assistants and production assistants
  • Reserve appropriate equipment such as cameras, audio, lighting, jib, dolly, and/or Steadicam
  • Prepare teleprompter
  • Scout shooting locations and obtain permits
  • Cast talent  host, actors and conduct voice overs
  • Set up interviews
  • Prepare interview questions

Your Video Communication Experts

We love creating audience engaging high-end corporate videos that deliver your brands core message.