So you’re considering video marketing for your website. Here are a few things to consider before making the call.

Company Background Check

In business, most people research and do a background check on a company. By checking forums and reading the comment section or reviews of a company, you can get an understanding on how reputable they are.


When creating a demo reel, companies will pull their absolute best work and take short clips, equalling to a less than one-minute video, but this doesn’t give you a full understanding of what they’re capable of. Review the company’s most recent videos on social media or their site, while also getting an understanding of their style to see if your vision replicates it.


Normally what you give is what you get, but with production companies, they shouldn’t want to put out your video and cash in the cheque. If they understand your needs and show an interest in growing your business, you know you’ve found the right company to work with.


Does your budget fit what you want out of your video? A video production can weigh a heavy toll on your overall budget, so ensure you have allocated enough money not only for the video and its production, but for any unforeseen added costs.

At Pollington Productions, we are all about planning ahead and achieving your goals. We have an extensive plan to assist you before rolling, including assisting or writing your script and identifying your message with creative planning. We can assure you that we are only satisfied when you are satisfied, and that’s a guarantee.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of video marketing

SEO – Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way traffic to your site can be increased by having more website visibility.

Did you know, you are 53 times more likely to appear first in a Google search if you have a video on your site? Including video increases the time a potential customer is on your site, thus increasing your SEO and level of trust with search engines. You are also able to track who’s clicked on your video using different app ranking trackers. If you are managing your own SEO, it’s important to describe, title and add links to your videos.

Emotional Connection and Customer Interest

By using video marketing, customers are able to visually see and understand your product, while also establishing an emotional connection to the presenter, versus reading a block of text. Video uses different tones and facial expressions which should work to your advantage.

Now that you understand the importance of video marketing, take a look at how you can further advertise your video and company.

Google is your Friend

Google My Business is one of the best options for a start-up company. It’s free and works by pushing your business in to the top local searches.

Being present on social media is also a must. First, identify your audience’s most used platform, then engage and craft posts which would appeal specifically to them.

Start a Blog

Utilizing a blog is a great way to get your company out there by building your brand, becoming an important industry voice and creating content that can be shared to other social media pages.

Upload to YouTube

Most productions companies, like Pollington Productions, advertise and post their work on YouTube. It’s a great way to distribute content and promote your products for free. If you’re considering YouTube to be a source of income, posting ads will generate revenue with enough video views.

Attend Local Events

It’s extremely easy to find local events and industry conferences in large cities such as Toronto, but you can still get your name out by attending local events such as community meetings, markets and business conferences. This is the perfect way to start networking and getting your company’s name out there.

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